Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week 1 - Arriving in Los Angeles

Aside from the fascist sat next to me on the shuttle bus from LAX to Santa Monica (the guy who thought Barrack Obama should be in charge of Kenya, not the USA, 'as he was born there') the first day in Los Angeles was pleasant.

And apart from the Greek woman at the hostel who kept looking over my shoulder to see what I was typing, the people I met were pleasant too.

Santa Monica is a beautiful place. Lovely beach, nice shops, rich women walking around with yoga mats under their arms....

And everyone that lives there seems to work in the media! I was involved in radio for over two years, and can't remember the last time I met anyone socially who was involved in the entertainment business. But in Santa Monica, if it wasn't Warner Bros. it was NBC, and if someone wasn't an established Steven Spielberg they were at least a failed actor or photographer.

An interesting place. And nice weather - perfect for 'soccer' - was the norm, except for the day that I had to get to LA Galaxy's Home Depot Stadium in Carson, of course......

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